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The Power of Palmistry


Palmistry at Psychic Garden in Los Angeles, CA is not your stereotypical staring into a crystal ball. Palmistry is considered a chiromantic art, which means it is an ancient tradition of divination, or the practice of uncovering the occult significance of people and events, crafted by palm-readers passed down for centuries.

Even though the exact origin is unknown, chiromancy, or palmistry, is believed to come from India astrology, traveling west across Asia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and into Eastern Europe. Fast forward to the 21st century, people like you who want to unlock the mystery of themselves and their life paths, can access this ancient tradition of palm-reading today – even in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area!

Unlock The Mystery Of You

Knowing Yourself is All In the Palm of Your Hand

It is commonly assumed that palm reading is about predicting the future, but this isn’t necessarily so. Palmistry can assist you in a variety of areas in your self-discovery.

A good palm-reader, like Elizabeth at Psychic Garden, can give you insights to the character traits you were born with, character traits you have picked up in your life, as well as aspects of your personality abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

With this information, you have a different perspective looking at your life – past, present and future. Psychic Garden is here to assist all of Los Angeles, CA in making life-changing decisions and understanding your life path.

Reading Between the Lines

Palmistry is a complex technique that primarily looks at distinct characteristics of your hands, especially the lines of the palm. In a palm reading session at Psychic Garden, you can expect Elizabeth to identify the following:

  • The heart line, which relates to relationships, love and emotion
  • The head line, which relates to the mind, communication and intellect
  • The life line, which speaks to health and well-being, vitality and major life changes
  • The fate line, which is also known as the destiny or fate of a person
  • Accurately analyzing the heart, head, life and fate lines of the palms, along with examining the length and depth of each line is crucial.

Another distinct feature of the hand that is looked at in a session with Elizabeth is determining what type of palm you have. This is done by examining the size, shape and texture of the palm. There are four type of palms: water palm, earth palm, fire palm, and air palm. As you can tell, it is not as easy as it seems. Even more reason to have an accurate and reliable palm reader like Elizabeth! 

Your Palm is More Telling Than You Know


Palm reading gives insight to who you are, which can be very revealing! Everything from the size of your hands, to the shape of your palms, to the length of your fingers, to the appearance of your fingernails is revealing something about you like your personality, or life events – past, present and future. Even what hand is being analyzed and what gender you are, determines the interpretation of your hands.

This is why having an expert palm-reader is crucial to having the most accurate and reliable palm-reading session. There are so many details and nuances to each individual hand, that you don’t want an amateur to misinterpret the complexity of who you are!

Palm Readings Go Beyond the Lines


A palm reading looks at more than just the lines on your palm. It also looks at the shapes of your palms, which can give you some insight into your personality, strengths and weaknesses. These shapes include:

  • Mount of Venus: Associated with love, passion, sensuality and indulgence.
  • Area of Mars: Broken into three different parts, the area of Mars can give insight into your temperament, perseverance, courage and strength.
  • Mount of Saturn: Associated with wisdom, work ethic, integrity and sense of responsibility.
  • Mount of Jupiter: Represents spirituality, ambition, generosity and your leadership abilities.
  • Mount of Mercury: Associated with communication, social skills and resourcefulness.
  • Mount of Apollo: Represents your optimism, vitality and creativity.
  • Mount of the Moon: Associated with your intuition, empathy, compassion and emotional strength.

As you can see, palmistry is complex. Only a skilled and experienced palm reader can accurately read palm mounts.

Do Palm Lines Change Over Time?


Yes. The lines on your palms can change over time, particularly the lines on your active hand. Sometimes, it can take several years for lines to change. In other cases, lines can change in as little as six months.

Remember that the lines on your hands act as mirrors of what you have done and the things you have yet to do in the future.  A skilled palmist can detect which lines are fading, which ones are developing, and which ones are deepening. Getting palm readings regularly can help you get a more accurate picture of what lies ahead and the present moment.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Palm Reading

Want to make the most of your palm reading? Here are some tips.

Prepare a List of Questions

What’s driving you to seek out a reading? Is there a particular part of your life that you have questions about, or feel is unclear? Creating a list of questions can help you get some clarity and walk away feeling more confident or optimistic about the road ahead. While your palmist may not be able to answer your exact question, you will receive information that can give insight and clarification. For example, a palm reading can help you better understand your personality and why you may engage in certain behaviors that affect these uncertain areas of your life.

Take Notes

During your session, take notes so that you can refer back to them later. There’s a lot to take in and process during a reading, so having these notes can help you fully absorb the information and ensure you’re not missing anything.

Have an Open Mind and Realistic Expectations

Go into your reading with an open mind and realistic expectations. Palm readings are not about predicting the future, although they can provide insight and guidance. It’s about tapping into the information your hands are giving, so you can move forward in confidence.

Along with realistic expectations, it’s important to enter your reading with an open mind and be prepared to discuss uncomfortable topics, like habits or behaviors that are hindering your success.

Take Action

After your reading, take what you’ve learned and put it into practice. Use these insights to better yourself and reach towards your goals. It’s up to you to make a change, but your reading can help show you the way.

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