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General Questions About Readings

An excellent psychic reading…

  • Blends accurate insights and practical & applicable advice
  • Promotes hope and inspiration
  • Encourages self-reflection
  • Highlights your strengths and natural abilities
  • Honors your free will and your own power to change

For the most part, psychics are actually born with a natural ability, similarly to people who are born with natural talent in music. The truth is, though, that without practice and diligence, physic ability like any other talent can fade away. Also – because all humans have some level of innate psychic ability, someone with the diligence and patience required to master psychic abilities can certainly do so!

Certain circumstances and some factors significantly impact situations and do not just occur on their own.  It links to how we think and how we treat ourselves. Having said that, if a Psychologist sees a car accident, they would suggest you drive carefully, slow down, and also give advice in other areas of your life. They most likely would not say, “I see a car accident.”

The universe is magical! Intuition is not limited by space and time. Although our outer sense gives us insight and information about the physical level, the inner sense knows that all things are connected, regardless of their physical distance or existence apart in time. The entire purpose for the inner intuition is to provide feedback from our inner energetic world that is in tune with and connected to all things at all times. Psychic readers who have the sensitivity and awareness of their intuition can absolutely perform psychic readings regardless of space and time!

Although an accurate answer is “yes,” it is a nuance and a difference of small degree. Intuition is the underlying function of psychic ability, however, most people sense their intuition but with a “cloudedness” and it is often “fuzzy” with extra information, including their own opinions, thoughts, beliefs, etc. If you replace “psychic” ability with “intuitive” ability, you get closer to the distinction between these two. The greater “ability” you will find with a “psychic” is that the reader has practiced, diligently pursued, and honed their intuitive sense to be able to pick up on their intuition (as we all do), but without the confusing or confounding extra-information that an untrained person would likely be accidentally misled by.

Love & Relationships

Ultimately, your life is yours to take charge of. You alone hold the power to control your life. A psychic can assist you by letting you have a clearer outlook which can help you make better decisions.

One thing to remember is that even though psychics are gifted individuals, we do not have the power to take away one’s free will. Instead of spells, we find that praying for the best to happen can make a big difference. Instead of a spell, here is what you can do. As you say aloud your daily affirmations, why not include an act into your routine? It can be something as basic as lighting a candle,  but this ritual can actually help reinforce the affirmations you utter.

If a psychic told you that you will meet someone new, please know that this will not happen just because they “willed” it to. You still have a part to play because things will not happen if no action is done. When psychic insights are presented to you, you may also be advised to make some changes in your life. A relationship will not work if you are not ready. It’s important to have self-reflection to gauge whether you are actually ready for one. 

You may also need to see whether you actually have time to let another person into your life. What if you are too busy with work or something else? And perhaps you have been wronged by someone you cared about before and that has caused you to lose your self-confidence. 

Before you can enter into a new relationship, you will have to let go of all these feelings of hurt, anger, and insecurity, at the same time redefining what may be your twisted definition of what a relationship is. It’s not easy to do this, and it may take a long time, but once it is done, you’ll be able to know what it is you really want in life.

Here’s the truth. We cannot force people to love us, and doing so may only lead to disaster. If  you are looking to make a meaningful connection with someone, it’s important to love yourself first. As you develop a healthy perspective of yourself, you also will form an idea of what you are looking for in a future partner. 

What do you do after that? Nothing at all. This is when people get impatient because they want to see results right away. It is best to have the mindset that whatever you need is “on its way” to you. God is always at work, even though we cannot see it. You’ll soon see magic unfold as you let Divine Intelligence work.

Accuracy & Free Will

Here’s a great thing about life, you can control it, not your psychic. Momentum is defined in physics as mass multiplied by its velocity. When a body has momentum, it can be hard to stop it, but it is not impossible. When a psychic informs you of something that may happen in the future, it comes from what direction or momentum they see is happening in your life. But if you make changes, the outcome will change. 

When a psychic informs you that a relationship will end or you will get fired from your job, know that nothing is set in stone. They are merely using their gifts and intuition by seeing the conditions that may result to the event happening.

The answer to this can frustrate some. Many people have been given predictions when the time frame has passed and when it did not come to pass, they will say that it is inaccurate. But the truth is not simple. We know how important getting an accurate reading is, and here at Psychic Gardens, we pride ourselves in being so. But there is also what we call free will. 

We’ve touched a bit on momentum in the question above, and that it can change based on the changes and decisions you will make in your life. If your momentum continues, then the readings will most likely happen but as your pattern and direction changes, then there is also a big chance that the predicted outcome will be different.

While psychics may give you a range (usually 3 to 6 months), there is no exact time as psychics do not see time as a linear thing. Rather, their intuition will see events happening when they see seasons of your life. If there are significant changes in your life, this will also create a change and events may happen at a different time.

Developing Psychic Abilities

Many people see psychic ability as a gift that is only available for a select few. This could not be farther from the truth, as psychic insight is s natural talent that is inherent in everybody. Everybody born in this world is born with the natural ability of intuition. Think of this as a built-in advisor that can help you live a life of meaning and purpose. While some may not naturally realize that they have this skill, continuously practicing can help you utilize and develop it.

The truth is there are many individuals who possess psychic insight, even you. There’s nothing that should stop you from seeing what a psychic sees. Using your inner senses is like learning a foreign language. It may be hard to recognize the “letters and words” or in this case the imagery and feeling at first, but as you continue to strive to learn, you will soon be able to translate all these into something that you can understand.

Discernment is a very important thing to have, and when you consult with any psychic, it’s something you need to practice all the time. Advanced spirituality is not actually necessary to be a psychic despite the need to know the laws of metaphysics.

One thing to remember is that psychics are also human. They can also go through the same challenges and hardships that you may be going through. That being said, while many psychics are inherently compassionate, there are some who can also be unethical.

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