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I’ve always understood…


…even though I’ve never had them myself. My mother would tell family members that just by the way I looked at her, she felt like I already knew more than she did before I could even talk.

People came to me with their concerns even at a very young age. I quickly noticed that not only did I have answers for them, but I was also often aware of the problem before it was verbalized. I’ve always had a strong sense of deep spiritual connection and a desire to help others. At such a young age, I assumed that everyone felt the same way.

As I grew older,

I noticed that my dreams were accurate predictions of future events. My predictions have been more frequent and accurate over the past few years, making them almost impossible to ignore. Wanting to validate my visions, I became a Certified Intuitive Consultant/Psychic. During these courses, I became aware of how precise my readings were.

Several ways I receive messages are through Clairvoyance (seeing pictures or images), Clairaudience (hearing messages), Clairsentience (feeling how one feels or felt), Clairgustance (perceiving how something tastes), and Clairscent (smelling something that is not physically present).

With all of these, I am thrilled to be doing this work. There is no better feeling than helping others obtain clarity about their past, present, and future experiences to live the best life possible.

As a spiritual counselor,

I help my clients discover their best selves, forming inner alignment, and achieve breakthroughs to unleash their true potential. I’ve been studying mysticism and alternative healing methods since 1998.

Working with higher guidance, breaking old patterns and beliefs, empowering through individual tools and techniques, I support my clients to become the person they want to be, their authentic, genuine selves.

I encourage them to accomplish their goals and desires while also dreaming big and being receptive. I bring clarity, inner guidance, and balance to people looking for healing, happiness, and purpose in their life path. What brings my clients freedom, confidence, peace, and purpose are to guide them to the right path to realize their true self.

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