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Why An Aura Cleansing?


Our auras can be impacted by the everyday stress of our busy lives, along with the onslaught of negativity our world is experiencing. If our aura is backed up with negative energy, it can affect all aspects of our lives and our health. Blocked energy can affect our sleep patterns, make us irritable, or even react negatively towards ourselves and others. This is why having an aura cleansing on a regular basis is a good self-care practice for yourself! After a session, you may feel lighter, brighter and happier. If you are in the Los Angeles, CA or San Fernando area, come on in to have your aura cleansed, and walk out squeaky clean.

Unlock The Mystery Of You

Spiritual Cleansing at Its Best


When you have exhausted all possible options, rather than spin your wheels out in the world, why not turn inward to the spiritual for the healing you need? The mere act of refocusing on yourself, your subtle energy bodies, and the positivity within you can make a difference. It can be an act of tuning into a higher spiritual vibration that can dispel the negativity you have accumulated. Maybe you don’t know how to do that or where to start. This is why Elizabeth at Psychic Garden offers Spiritual Cleansing to assist you with getting back on track, and relate more to your positivity. Luckily this service is not only offered in Los Angeles, CA. We serve the entire San Fernando Valley and the greater Los Angeles area. So don’t hesitate to get the spiritual healing that you need.

The Purpose of Spiritual Cleansing


Spiritual Cleansings are meant to clear negative energies, unplug blocked energy centers and release toxicity from your body. But most importantly, it is meant to bring you into a greater realization of the Self, of who you truly are. When we are blocked in some way, be it with a troubled mind or a heavy heart, and our vision is clouded by the negativity, we can have a misperception of who we truly are. After a Spiritual Cleansing, you not only experience what many feel is like a “spiritual bath,” where you wash away the negative energies, but you may also experience feeling healthier, happier and more at peace. In essence, you will start to feel more like yourself, giving you inspiration to achieve your true potential.

Spiritual Cleansing by a Spiritual Counselor


Unlike most psychics in the San Fernando Valley, Elizabeth has a unique quality she brings to the table. She not only is a gifted psychic, but she also is a talented spiritual counselor. She holds the intention for her clients to become the person they want to be. With this in mind, her clients focus on creating greater inner alignment with themselves. She guides her clients to have greater clarity, inner guidance and balance, which produces healing, happiness and purpose in their path of life. By the simple action of having a spiritual cleansing and releasing the negative vibrations, you can walk away feeling recharged and feeling more on purpose in your life. Stop by Psychic Garden in Los Angeles, CA for a psychic cleansing with Elizabeth, and learn how you can reclaim the positive vibrations and healthy lifestyle you desire.

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